My name is Anthony Edward Johnson, I have been drawing all my life and been painting for about 8 years. Painting is life, trial and error. I never know really how to do anything without making a few mistakes along the way. I studied at CSN for a number of years taking classes in Painting, Drawing and Web Design. All though I wish I could paint everyday all day, I can't. I work a full time job in Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was born in Angeles City, Philippines. I came to the U.S. after my mother and father married. Since their divorce in the early eighties I chose an alternate lifestyle that lead me to be stronger and independent. I know now that hard work and dedication is the only way I can compete with all the gifted artists in the world. Unlike most, I am talented not gifted so nothing will ever come easy for me when I am alone working in my studio.

This is not a biography of a kid that has been exposed to all the finest art schools and colleges. This is not a summary of an adult that has an infinite repertoire of awesome achievements. I am currently living in Las Vegas in search of fullfilling my dream as an artist so that I can continue to be strong and independent working for myself.